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Virtual Organising – What it is

Virtual Organising – What it is

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We are taking part in more online activities than ever before. From yoga and community meetings, medical consultations to cookery classes, we’re benefitting from an increasing variety of virtual services. Demand for virtual organising support has also increased significantly. Whether it’s a kitchen or wardrobe declutter, paperwork organisation or help with schedules and routines to keep you organised, virtual 1-1 support can get you to where you want to be.

How it can help you

Decluttering your home

People often contact me because they feel overwhelmed by ‘stuff’ and don’t know where to start. Virtual organising can help you clarify your goals, create a plan and support you to take the steps necessary to achieve success. By receiving gentle guidance through the decluttering process, you will stay focused and make informed decisions about what to keep and let go. Tried and trusted methods will support you to declutter in the most organised and efficient way possible. You can also gain advice about donating items and charity collections can be arranged if needed.

Organising your space

Clients often say that no matter how hard they try, they struggle to keep their home tidy. Virtual organising can help you gain greater control by reviewing how and where you store belongings and looking at effective routines and systems to stay organised. This might involve looking at how laundry is dealt with, managing out of control paperwork or reviewing daily routines.

How it works

In virtual sessions, the client carries out practical tasks with support from the organiser. The camera can be positioned to see the client or they can remain off camera, providing a running commentary. The organisers role is to keep you on track, talk through any difficulties encountered and provide support. Time can be allocated for specific tasks e.g. 10 minutes to sort through a kitchen drawer or a box of paperwork. After the allocated time, progress is reviewed and next steps planned.

What are the benefits?

Agility You don’t need to be in the same room…you don’t even need to be in the same country – virtual organising can take place anywhere. I have a virtual client who lives in Spain!

Simplicity Support can be provided online using Zoom or even over the phone…sophisticated technology is not required.

Flexibility There are a range of appointment options, so sessions can be arranged to fit around you. Sessions can last anything from 40 minutes to 2 hours, with short breaks if required.

Affordable Because virtual sessions are shorter than home visits, it can work out much cheaper.

Boundaries You might not want to have an organiser in your home, but you need to get organised. Virtual work is a great alternative.

Accountability Shorter, more frequent sessions are a great way to give you ongoing accountability and keep you moving towards your goal.

And if you so wish, you can turn up in your pyjamas!

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