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The hidden costs of clutter

The hidden costs of clutter

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The amount of ‘stuff’ we feel comfortable with varies greatly from person to person. But when it goes over that limit, it can become problematic. Here are some reasons why:


Cluttered environments can compromise safety, especially if there are mobility or health issues. Cluttered doorways, entry point and stairs are particular risks. For example, leaving or storing toys, shoes or other objects on staircases or landings is a common cause of accidents.

Your Time

If you cannot easily find what you need quickly, it wastes time. Who wants to spend precious time hunting for their keys instead of doing something much more enjoyable? It is also worth remembering that the more things you have, the more you have to look after. More stuff equals more time!

Your Money

‘I’d forgotten I had that!’ is a comment I hear a lot. If you’ve forgotten what you own (or can’t find it when you need it) you’re much more likely to buy unnecessary replacements. During one decluttering session with a client, we ‘recovered’ 13 pairs of sunglasses! Not only a waste of money, but also a waste of the time and energy it took to keep duplicating them!

Your Health

Clutter increases stress levels. A long-term increase in cortisol can leave you feeling run down and susceptible to physical and mental ill health. Visual clutter can also impact on your ability to focus on daily tasks, sapping creativity and the ability to get things done.

But remember, small steps can lead to big changes. Why not start today to bring your home under control? My latest blog will help – read The 10 minute declutter.

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