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Why work with me?

A Norfolk based declutterer & organiser

Creating an organised life is simpler than you think

Often, people contact me because they feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. It might be a messy kitchen, a hallway used as a dumping ground, paperwork that has become unmanageable or a lack of storage in the home.

For others, I’m asked to help with particular goals when clutter is holding them back. Jane wanted to turn a junk room into an office to start a business, John wanted to clear out a packed garage to store his gardening equipment better. Sam and Harry planned to sell their house, and were looking to improve the presentation.

We all have competing priorities and sometimes need confidential, non-judgmental support to achieve what we want from life. By letting me take care of those nagging tasks that mount up, you can focus on what matters most.

If you experience mental or physical health issues, a neurological condition like ADHD or a hoarding difficulty, you are in safe hands. With a background in mental health nursing and special needs education, I have a wealth of experience and expertise to draw on. We’ll do this together!

A Neater Life - Professional Organising and Decluttering Service in Norwich & Norfolk.

Patience, passion & complete confidentiality

We all have a different idea of what our perfect home should look like, and we all have different priorities. I never offer services on a one-size-fits-all basis, and will always strive to understand your needs so that we can improve your life together

We all need help sometimes. But often, the hardest step is to ask for it!

Through the years, I’ve understood the process and power of an organised life. Through kindness and patience, I can bring this to your home and provide a friendly, down-to-earth service free from judgement.

To book a free 20-minute 'coffee and a chat' consultation call with me, hit the button below. You can also follow me on Facebook for regular news, advice and tips.


"Anita is one of the most careful and professional people I have ever met."

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