Decluttering & Organising in Norfolk and Online

Before & After

Before & After

Seeing spaces transform for the better is a feeling like nothing else. Here are a few examples of my recent projects. 


Ellie's spare room

Ellie lived in a large cottage in West Norfolk with her husband and three teenage children. A new business venture meant that they needed to transform a spare room into a home office that could also be used as a study space by the children.

The room had been been used for storage for many years and was very cluttered. I worked with the family over several weeks in three hour sessions. How I helped:

  • Created a plan with Ellie, which also included scheduling tradespeople to make repairs and redecorate.
  • Reorganised furniture to create maximum space.
  • Removed all rubbish and items to be recycled.
  • Identified which items belonged to each family member and supported them individually to declutter.
  • Categorised items to be kept and identified appropriate storage.
  • Reorganised drawers to store office equipment and supplies.
  • Decluttered files and paperwork.
  • Decluttered cupboards to create storage for books, filing system and merchandise.
  • Created an individual ‘cubby’ storage area for each family member.
  • Donated unwanted items to various charities.

What Ellie said:

"I’m so delighted with what we achieved! I couldn’t bear to go in the room before, and I definitely couldn’t figure out how to tackle it. Now it’s even better than we hoped it would be! It’s a beautiful, organised space that all the family can make use of. Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done it without you."

Sarah’s utility room

Sarah had become so overwhelmed by her cluttered utility room that she was no longer able to use it for its purpose. Over many years, the volume of items had built up and become unmanageable. Sarah contacted me because she wanted to regain the space as a useful utility area and office, but didn’t know where to start. How I helped:

  • Sorted through each cupboard and shelf in turn, identifying items to keep and let go
  • Created space for items to be properly organised
  • Categorised items for easy retrieval and access
  • Created streamlined and clutter-free work surfaces and desk
  • Sorted and found storage for all items on all the floor
  • Removed all of the unwanted items and donated them to several local charities
  • Contacted local auction houses for valuations on several items

What Sarah had to say: 

"Anita is such a lovely, caring, gentle person - we made a good start and she was so helpful - so much so that we have done another full day more recently and I’m very much looking forward to tackling the next stage with Anita."

Jenny’s bedroom

Jenny had a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and had recently moved into her first house. She had lots to do but struggled to prioritise, sequence and finish tasks. As a result, the house had quickly become cluttered with packing materials, hobby items and belongings in various stages of being unpacked. How I helped:

  • Created a small steps plan to help Sarah focus and stay on track
  • Encouraged regular short breaks to support concentration
  • Removed packing materials to create much-needed space
  • Sorted and decluttered clothes – helping Sarah make sound decisions about what to keep
  • Created space in wardrobe and drawers
  • Categorised clothes according to type and colour to make retrieval easy
  • Returned miscellaneous items to other areas of the house to store in categories
  • Removed a car load of items to donate to charity

David’s Kitchen

I worked with David over several months as his home had become unsafe. Due to a combination of hoarding behaviours, complex health problems and overwhelm, he was increasingly unable to carry out the normal routines of daily life. He couldn’t get into his kitchen to cook or prepare meals. This was having a big impact on his mental health and wellbeing. How I helped:

  • Created a plan with David, identifying the kitchen as a priority.
  • Cleared floor space so that there was room to work
  • Removed all rubbish and out of date food items.
  • Supported David to let go of items he had previously held onto.
  • Reorganised storage of cooking equipment and food, making sure items were accessible.
  • Created clutter free work surfaces.
  • Provided advice on buying food and safe storage.
  • Advised on simple daily routines to keep on top of tasks.
  • Donated numerous unwanted items to charity on David’s behalf.

The Result: The kitchen was now a safe, functional space. It was wonderful to see David finally making a hot drink or cooking a meal. He was no longer feeling overwhelmed by clutter and could easily find what he needed.