A little bit about me....

When I tell people I'm a Professional Organiser, they are usually quite surprised...but I've always had a passion for decluttering and helping people.

I have a background in education, working as a class teacher in primary schools and later working with families living with a diverse range of special educational needs. 

As an experienced organiser I pride myself in working in a confidential, non-judgemental way and I love helping families simplify the clutter that accompanies normal family life.

I work with people of all ages and backgrounds and I particularly enjoy working with people who have always been disorganised. I often work with people with ADHD and mental health difficulties, creating systems and routines for them which helps to reduce overwhelm and simplify life.

I also work with people who have hoarding tendencies. I understand the complex emotions that lead people to hold onto things and I have a lots of experience in supporting this.

I am a wife, mother and grandmother. Like you, I lead a busy life. My house is not always tidy, but I do have a place for everything, which makes tidying up in a hurry a lot easier!

I promise to help you with calmness,  kindness and patience. Please do not worry about how your home looks - that really does not matter!

A few random things about me:

I live on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast

Being a Grandmother is one of my greatest joys

I have experienced mental illness within my own family

​I always said that I would never treat my dog like a child.....5 years on and I have spectacularly failed!

I'm am non-judgemental and a very good listener